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Naming Sublime Soul

Sublime (v.)

elevate to a high degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence

This is the archaic definition of Sublime, and it is also our favorite. The idea behind it; let your thoughts, your actions, your heart, your soul, be sublimed. Let all of your being be elevated to a high degree of spiritual excellence.

As a holistic wellness center this is one of our goals; to help you elevate your soul to its highest degree. We want to encourage a full approach and look at the wellness of the whole person. We do not treat wellness as one-dimensional. It is not only your mental, or spiritual, or physical, or emotional health. It is all of these. And so, your body and soul deserve to be treated and healed as such.

You all know we have the metaphysical part of our shop. The crystals, pendulums, herbs, incense, essential oils, oracle and tarot decks, non-toxic personal care products, sound healing products, and more. All of these goods can be used to help elevate our spiritual well-being. These items can be used to cleanse and open your chakras, improve your mental and physical health, and protect your energy, among many other properties.

And then there are our services. Ranging from massage and reiki, to mediumship reads, quantum energy healing, aura reads, sound healing, personal training, we have many things to offer. Then add in our classes about caring for and protecting your aura, growing your spiritual abilities, non-toxic living, connecting to your guides, and so many more we are excited to plan! All of these reach for the same goal our products do. We want to offer you, in every way we are capable, the ability to make positive progress in your spiritual journey.

Many people have remarked to us about the manner in which we run the shop. They have said to us they appreciate the genuine holistic approach we offer to helping improve their lives. As I am writing this, I am emotional, because honestly, this is one of the best comments to hear. It’s what we strive for and the heart and soul behind our shop; helping people feel like their best selves.

Madison and Morgan mentioned using the word sublime, and as Shannon and I brainstormed ideas we decided to look up the actual definition. When I read this specific definition of sublime it hit me, and I knew it was the right term for us. We threw names around, and Sublime Soul was absolutely it as soon as we thought of the name.

We knew this shop would be a beacon of white light and positivity, and we want every single thing in the shop to emanate this intention, especially the name. We hope you all love it as much as we do! We are here for each and every one of you on this journey, thanks for being here with us too. After all, we aren’t just a shop, we’re a community.

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1 comentario

Jan Borchlewicz
Jan Borchlewicz
06 mar 2022

You had enriched my life before you had Sublime Soul and I am excited for the opportunity to experience all that you are offering in a new adventure. Jan

Me gusta
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