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Emily has been in training since the age of 9. She has learned to use her abilities to embrace contact with all forms of energy and spirit. Emily has become one of the leading Sensitives when it comes to stepping into and using energy for Lightwork. The shields she uses to protect herself and others are unique and powerful, especially when dealing with negative energy. Emily's training has resulted in a high level of experience with Spiritual Warfare. Emily’s accuracy is amazing when communicating with spirits. She not only sees the spirits but has full conversations when making contact, which allows her to assist spirits in moving on and crossing over. Her years of experience and pursuit of knowledge in the paranormal and spiritual realms, have led her to be very intuitive and open to spiritual communication. These abilities have allowed her to become very skilled at reads, aura reads, past life reads, oracle and tarot, and more. Additionally, Emily uses her gifts and knowledge to offer Spiritual Mentorship to others works to grow their abilities.
In 2017, Emily graduated from Loyola University Maryland as a Political Science major with a minor in Art History. Emily is also a Quantum Energy Healer.

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